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Account Receivable Manager

Jersey City, NJ
A national, growing Wholesale Firm seeks an Account Receivable Manager to manage the Sales, Accounts Receivable, and Collection transaction cycle across a range of customers, including national retailers and small shops. The candidate will be collaborating with the COO and the Finance Department to manage the daily operations of the Sales, Accounts Receivable, and Collection transaction cycle. The position has lots of room for growth and upside potential working with a great team in an excellent work environment.

Job Requirements:
  1. Manage 3-4 personnel tasked with billing and collections and 2-3 personnel tasked with the customer service function
  2. Implement efficient and proactive review of Chargebacks and related accounting functions
  3. Develop and implement efficiencies in the Data Entry and Data Oversight functions of the department
  4. Be in a constant pursuit of process improvements and money saving initiatives
  5. Accomplish results by communicating job expectations; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results; coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees; initiating, coordinating, and enforcing systems, policies, and procedures.
  6. Serve as the liaison between senior management and support staff communicating needs and wishes of owners to employees, so that the business functions accordingly
  7. Delegate tasks and give work assignments and clear directions
  8. Enforce deadlines, keep projects on time, avert crises and delays
  9. Planning, arranging meeting schedules, monitoring results and recording minutes for accountability
  10. Give daily updates and alerts to upper management keeping them informed on project timelines, new opportunities, and challenges
  11. Orienting and training new employees; providing discipline and coaching as needed to ensure that the company keeps competent employees. Help employees to improve, or eliminate those who do not meet the organization's standards.
  12. Conduct semi-annual evaluations and provide guidance about potential improvements in each employee’s performance
The successful candidate will possess the following skills set:
  1. 3-5 years of experience managing teams of 5+
  2. Proven leader and experienced motivator of direct reports, able to set goals for personnel and provide related feedback in a timely manner.
  3. Capacity to understand and interface with other areas of the company.
  4. Effective manager of staffing productivity, ensure timely completion of projects.
  5. Full time position with excellent compensation and benefits package.
  6. Excellent written and verbal communicative ability.
  7. Ability to multitask and delegate projects to direct reports.
  8. Highly organized and efficient professional with an understanding of the basics of finance, bookkeeping and accounting.
  9. Extremely computer savvy, comfortable using online applications and proficient in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Outlook, Excel, etc.)
  10. Strong verbal communication and interpersonal skills required to persuade and build consensus and cooperation.
  11. Strong detail, organizational, and analytical skills
  12. Must be able to write effective and cohesive business communication
  13. Responsible, reliable and trustworthy
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